Saturday, April 13, 2013

~ Kissing Darkness Cover Reveal ~

                                                                    ~ Cover Reveal ~

         ~The back and spine were made by the amazing Airicka Phoenix (Author)~

Book Blurb ( Over 18+):
Her arms wrapped around his neck as he slid his tongue into her mouth. Michael put his hands on her hips and guided her twards the bails of hay. With her eyes closed she blindingly followed his lead as the sensations erupted to life in every recess of her body.
He layed her down on the hay cupping her breasts through her top. She moaned into his mouth. Opening her eyes, she watched as his tongue glided along her top riding over her pale flesh and, then he dipped to lick her cleaveage. He unhooked her bra to reveal her soft luscious breasts. She moaned excitedly as his mouth found one breast.
Sliding her nipple from his mouth he said, "Remove your pants Kate."
With trembling hands she removes them. Using his teeth he rips her underwere off. Positioning himself above her he claims her slowly.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Interview with Author Brae Wyckoff

Thanks so much for being here today Brae Wyckoff!
Thanks for having me!
When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?
High School. An English teacher encouraged me after she read a short story of mine that I turned in for an assignment. That brought me the confidence to start and I have held onto that encouragement to this very day.
What has been the most difficult part about being a writer?
At some point in your career you have to understand that you are writing for the world and that means letting it go and setting it free. In order to get your “baby” ready though, you need to poor all of yourself into this “child” so it matures and will be able to survive the harsh conditions of critiques and reviews.
Who are your favorite authors?
Lord of the Rings (of course), The Hobbit, Heir to the Empire series of Star Wars novels that take place after the movies, all of RA Salvatore’s books with Drizzt Do’Urden, The Shack, and The Bible. RA Salvatore, Terry Ambrose, Andrew Kaufman, Peter Berkos, William Young, Bill Johnson, Graham Cooke, and more.
What authors inspire you?
It would be the same list above as they have all had a hand in developing me as an author. I consider them all to be mentors.
Are you a plotter or, a panster when your writing?
I’m an outliner. I need a beginning, middle, and end, before writing my book. This keeps me focused but at the same time I don’t let each chapter dictate fully where it will go and I have been surprised in some way or another on each and every chapter.
What type of books do you like to read?
Mostly fantasy, but I will head over to mystery, psychological thrillers, and others if the book seems interesting.
What do you like to do in your free time?
Spending time with my wife and then also my 3 year old grandson. I love playing superheroes with him and hearing him tell me about his day. It goes like this, “Avery, how was your day?” “Good.” What did you do?” “I played.”
Where is your favorite place to vacation?
My wife and I have a favorite vacation and that was Tahiti on the island of Morea. We frequent the Hawaiian Islands and are also fond of the forest and will spend time in our local mountains at a cabin.
Why did you choose to write Epic fantasy?
It’s in my blood. I grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons starting in 9thgrade. From that point on I was hooked on this genre. Writing fantasy just comes natural now and they say in the writing world to write what you know and I know fantasy.
What has been the most fun about working on your books?
The best part is finishing a book and then looking back at what you created. Not to be blasphemous but I look at a book the same way God looks at His own creations. If you just sit and ponder it for a second, it is quite an experience.
What has been the hardest scene for you to write?
I can’t talk about it…thanks for bringing it up. (I need a break from the interview before we go on)…LOL.
Seriously, I can’t remember a difficult scene. To me it is part of the story and must be done, whatever it is.
Do you have any favorite characters?
Of course. I am fond of the main hero named Bridazak. Then there is the lovable dwarf, Dulgin. And I can’t forget about Lester and Ross. They are animated thieves tools that talk telepathically to their owner…they are great comedic relief in the book.
How did you come up with the premise for The Orb of Truth?
It is a message of HOPE. In this classic good vs evil tale, I take the heroes of the story on a grand adventure that they never planned on going and during their travels they face sacrifices, obstacles and many choices. I relate to the main hero, Bridazak, a Halfling, which I coin in my books as ordakians, because in my life I have asked the questions, “Why am I here? What is my purpose in life?” I have taken these questions and wrapped it all together into the story and delivered a message of hope. I’m a fantasy lover to the core so when you read The Orb of Truth you will not be disappointed.
Is your book part of a series?
Yes, I call it The Horn King Series. The 2nd book, The Dragon God, will be out later this year. I’m currently writing book three entitled The Vampire King.
If you could have any magical power, what would it be?
It would have to be the ability to fly. That would be amazing. But in reality, I have a gift of encouragement and being able to see people’s destiny…which to me is priceless.
What's next for you?
Well, lots actually! I’m currently the host for a blog radio show called Broadcast Muse and I’m interviewing people from around the world. I am also starting my own publishing company named LR Publishing (The Orb of Truth is the first) where I intend to help other authors achieve great success.
I also run an international ministry called The Greater News where we report on miracles happening around the world. I’m working on the non-profit status and will be travelling with my wife to churches and other ministries to give The Greater News of what God is doing. Hint: God is not dead, but very much alive.
The sequel is due out later this year and is called The Dragon God. It is currently with my editor and we are tackling the story line by line. Initial beta reviewers are saying the 2nd book is better than the first, but my first love is always The Orb of Truth…the birth of the heroes of the Horn King Series.
I am divulging exclusive information at my Official Fan Club facebook page and have already introduced the fans to a new character that is sure to capture the hearts of the readers. It is gnome thief named Trillius. Make sure you go to the Fan Club and join today.
Brae Wyckoff Official Fan Club:
What advice do you have for new authors out there?
Write what you know, write what you are passionate about, and write with excellence. Get your work professionally edited and get your book cover professionally designed. You are leaving behind a piece of you for the world so make sure it is the best it can be. Invest in yourself.
Is there anything else you want your readers to know?
I’m hard at work at bringing you all the best epic fantasy series that can stand toe to toe with the greats. I’m writing the 3rdbook now called The Vampire King and it is scheduled to be released in 2014.
I love to hear from the fans so please be sure to contact me.
                                                                 ~ Meet Brae Wycoff ~

Author Bio: Brae Wyckoff was born and raised in San Diego, CA and is working toward a Psychology degree. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Jill, for 19 years, and they have three children; Tommy, Michelle, and Brittany. He has a beautiful grandson named Avery. Brae has been an avid gamer since 1985. His passion for mysterious realms and the supernatural inspired him to write The Orb of Truth, the first in a series of fantasy action adventures. Brae describes The Orb of Truth as a cross between the Lord of the Rings and the Wizard of OZ where you will be swept away into a magical land of Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings.

Authors Amazon page:
~The first book in his series ~
~The second book in his series ~
Thank you for being here today Brae. Its been a pleasure having you. I wish you the best of luck in your writing career. :)
If you guys haven't checked out The Orb Of Truth please do! Its amazing.

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