Friday, January 11, 2013

Kissing Darkness Blurb

                                                                      Book blurb:

An hour later they saunter into the club decked out in goth coture. Michael pulls her close enjoying the feel of her soft flesh as they meander close to the bar. The bartender looks at them and winks at Kate.

"Hey baby. What can I get ya'? I'm off in five."

Michael puts his hand on her thigh and glares at him.

"She's mine. Back off."

He pulls her close and licks her neck taking a tiny bite. Putting his lips close to her ear he says; "Just play along with this. We don't want to draw attention to ourselves."

"Well, we should at least make it believeable, right?"

He raises his eyebrow in confusion as Kate slides onto his lap straddling him. She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him fiercly. Michael moans as he slides his tongue into her mouth. Before it goes any further she pulls away smiling sweetly at the bartender.

"Two beers please. Kissing can sure make a girl thirsty." "Sure. Give me a moment."

Before he can walk away Michael grabs his arm.

"Hold on a minute. I would like you to find Awna for me." "She's busy at the moment. Come back later." "Sorry, no can do. She promised me some goods if you catch my drift." "Fine then. Follow me."

He leads them to the back room and knocks on the door.

"Misstress Awna there are people here to see you." "Tell them to go away. I'm very busy right now." "Sorry misstress but, the man says he knows you." "Oh allright, send them in then."

Awna smiles at them as they enter the office. "Well, this is a surprize. Its been a while Michael. What brings you here?" "I just wanted to stop by and see how your doing. You look well."


  1. Now i really want to read more of the book!!!!

  2. HEHE! Be patient. :) It will be done next month.

  3. I really liked that blurb!!! Can't wait to see more and read the book!

  4. you should teach em how to blog cause i really wanna

    1. Katie Shelby helped me with this. :) If you need my help I'd be happy to help you Teracia. <3