Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cover Reveal for Silenced book 1 in the Immortal Chronicles

Book blurb:
Abby always thought that her father would live forever... then, one fateful night her life is turned upside down when a drunk driver careen...
s into their car. Her father dies in an instant and, she walks away without a scratch. She doesn't know how her life can go on without the one person that she cared for the most in this world. Will she ever feel okay again?

Lucas never imagined that he could find true love. The thought of being alone for the rest of his immortal life terrified him. He had just begun to lose hope when, a beautiful girl ran out into traffic. After saving her life he began to feel hope that he had finally found his forever... his soul mate. Can he help her overcome her grief? Or, will it swallow her whole?

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